A History of McChesney & Dale, P.C.



The predecessor firm to McChesney & Dale, P.C., was established in October, 1972 as McChesney & Pyne. Robert W. McChesney, Jr., and John J. Pyne had practiced law together in the firm of Frost & Towers. In October, 1972,  Frost & Towers merged with the firm of Baker & Hostetler and Mr. McChesney and Mr. Pyne formed the partnership of McChesney & Pyne.


William P. Dale joined the firm while in law school in May 1973, and was employed there when he became licensed to practice law in November 1974. In October, 1973, John C. Duncan, III, also formerly of Frost & Towers, joined McChesney and Pyne as a partner. The firm incorporated in the District of Columbia in July, 1975, under the name of McChesney & Pyne, Chartered. In 1982, the name was changed to McChesney, Pyne & Duncan, P.C.  In 1986, Mr. Pyne withdrew and the firm was renamed McChesney, Duncan & Dale, P.C. Chuck Fuller became an associate in 1989.

In November, 1993, the attorneys of McChesney, Duncan & Dale, P.C. split into two separate law firms, and in December, 1993, the firm of McChesney & Dale, P.C. began operations at its current main office in Bowie, Maryland. At the same time, the firm of Duncan & Hopkins started its practice in Alexandria, Virginia. The two firms continue a close professional relationship.

The current shareholders of McChesney & Dale are Bill DaleChuck Fuller and Johanna Montero-Okon. The other attorneys who now constitute McChesney & Dale, P.C. have joined at different times, as reflected in their individual biographies. In May, 2000, Bob McChesney took “of counsel” status, and ceased the active practice of law.

         The firm is pleased to represent a number of clients it has represented since the 1970’s. In fact, its relationship with a major client, a group of Taft Hartley Trust Funds established by the Washington D.C. Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association and Local Union 26 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers dates back even further, as Bob McChesney’s father was president of an electrical contractor in the 1950’s that was active with NECA and the Trust Funds.